Real Estate Management

Estate Management

Director (Estate Management) is In-charge of this Department. Who coordinates and supervises all the activities of this Department.

  1. Allotment of residential plots .
  2. Sale of vacant Residential, Commercial plots and Constructed units in GDA Schemes, through Open Auction.
  3. Allotment of plots earmarked for utility sites in GDA Schemes, to applicant, Organization and Government Departments on reserve price as per policy.
  4. Allotment of plots to Specified Groups laid down in the disposal of land by Dev: Authorities Act 2014
  5. To allow transfer of plots
  6. To execute sale agreement of plots
  7. To allow extension in construction period of plots.
  8. To issue No Objection Certificate (NOC) for obtaining loan for House Building from House Building Finance Corporation and Banks.
  9. To issue properties rights to the dwellers of the declared Katchi Abadis.
  10. To issue sale deeds to the survey holders of the Katchi Abadis.
  11. To transfer the plots of the declared Katchi Abadis.
  12. Collection of cost / price of sold allotted plots.
  13. Protection of GDA’s immovable properties and removal of encroachment on vacant plots / GDA unsold constructed Units / Road in the Schemes of GDA.