Introduction & Function


Director (Admin) is In-charge of this Department. Who coordinates and supervises all the activities of this Department.

  1. Make payments on account of Development / Non-Development expenditures in accordance with the prescribed financial rules etc after pre-audit by the Local Fund Audit Department
  2. To operate bank accounts as per prescribed procedure, and prepare cash flow statements for on-going and new projects.
  3. To prepare annual budget, for approval by the Governing Body of GDA and City District Government also to ensure the effectiveness of the budget.
  4. To get the funds released from Government against different Government Projects
  5. To prepare and submit all accounting / financial reports and statements to meet legal and management requirements, as well as the Government and other agencies.
  6. To liaise with external & internal auditors, ensure timely submission of answers to their observations and coordinate with other Directorates, in this respect.
  7. To ensure that all collection and payments are properly recorded, handled and accounted for.
Bank Accounts Operations
  • Payment vouchers are recorded along with complete information i.e date, amount, payee name etc after sanctioned and pre-audit.
  • Cheque & Bank advice is prepared and signed by dealing official, Senior Accountant, Assistant Director, Deputy Director Finance and Director Finance.
How Financial Transactions Are Booked
  • The transaction of receipts, payments, investment, inventories, receivables, payables, short & long term loans / funds, income & expenditure are booked through a Journal Voucher, prepared by dealing official, Senior Accountant, Assistant Director Finance and approved by Deputy Director / Director Finance.
  • Journal Voucher prepared on basis of chart of account of the Authority and sent to Data cell (Book Keeping) for checking of codes and other description for incorporating the same in the general ledger.
  • Monthly trial balance is prepared. Statement of affairs is prepared at the end of each financial year.