Director (Admin) is In-charge of this Department. Who coordinates and supervises all the activities of this Department.

  1. To handle with the matters of employees of GDA in all grades. It includes:
  • Initial Recruitment
  • Promotions
  • Transfer / Postings / Deputation
  • Disciplinary cases / Inquiries
  • Advances / Loans
  1. Allotment of official residences to GDA employees
  2. Arrangement for office accommodations
  3. Enlistment of Doctors / Hospitals / Clinics / Chemists for treatment of GDA employees and processing of bills thereof.
  4. Sanction of medical reimbursement claims of the GDA employee.
  5. Enlistment of Part-Time Counsel, Legal Advisors for GDA.
  6. Nomination for local / foreign training and Civil Defense, Janbaz Force Training.
  7. Arrangements for deduction of Group Insurance and processing of claims thereof.
  8. Affairs of Labor Unions.
  9. Procurement and supply of various items of stationery, furniture, fixtures and their repairs.
  10. Policy matters / Government references.